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Semitruck rollovers present a unique danger

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truckers provide a vital service to people throughout the country. Drivers are trained to handle large and heavy rigs, but that doesn’t mean that wrecks won’t ever occur. One type of crash that’s possible is a rollover.

Rollovers are particularly devastating for occupants of passenger vehicles if they’re in the path of the rig as it rolls. Because they’re so heavy, a semitruck can easily crush a smaller vehicle.

Prevention of rollovers must be a priority

There are many ways that truckers can protect innocent people they’re sharing the roadways with. The center of gravity in a semitruck can vary depending on the type and location of cargo they’re carrying. A semi-loaded trailer will have a different center of gravity than a tanker truck. Truckers must be able to determine that center of gravity so they can drive safely.

There are numerous ways that truck drivers can reduce the likelihood of rollovers. These include:

  •         Driving at appropriate speeds
  •         Taking extra care when executing a turn
  •         Properly securing the load and double-checking it when stopped
  •         Inspecting the rig before the haul
  •         Checking brakes and other components before leaving
  •         Keeping their focus on the road while driving

Anyone who’s injured in a semitruck crash must get prompt medical care. This shouldn’t be delayed since there may be very serious injuries present. It might also be possible to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the financial damages and medical costs after a collision. California law sets strict time limits for these cases, so you should prepare to file promptly. 

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