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How to help your child stay safe on their new bicycle

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

This Christmas, you gave your child one present that was too big to wrap – a bicycle. It is a ticket to freedom for a child, yet with that freedom comes danger.

Too many cyclists are hit and injured or killed by drivers every year. You cannot change how other people drive, so you need to focus on your child:

Safety does not have to be expensive

You might not have much money left after buying the bike, but these tips are free or low cost:

  • Consider where they can ride: Some roads are much more dangerous than others. If your child will ride on the street, help them discover quiet routes to the places they want to go.
  • Ensure the bike is well maintained: The brakes are the most critical safety feature. Nervous learners often keep them squeezed in when going down the hills. It could lead to the brake pads wearing down faster than you expect. By the time they are confident enough to coast downhill, there may be little pad left, making stopping in an emergency impossible.
  • Light them up: Bikes have plenty of places for lights and reflectors and lights. If the pedals or wheels do not have reflectors, add some, as they will stand out more due to the movement. If your child’s bicycle helmet is dark-colored, pick up a brighter-colored helmet cover.

If a driver injures your cycling child despite your precautions, understanding how to hold them responsible will be crucial to get maximum compensation.

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