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These truck accidents are among the most dangerous for motorists

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Most collisions between a large tractor-trailer and a smaller passenger vehicle result in at least some injuries. However, some types of truck accidents have increased potential to cause massive damage to the human body.

After suffering severe or catastrophic truck accident injuries, victims need significant financial compensation. The money available through an accident claim ensures victims can continue to meet their medical and financial needs in the future.  

Under-ride accidents

These truck accidents are particularly dangerous to other motorists. They occur when a smaller vehicle travels under the back, side or front of a large truck. Unfortunately, they often result in severe head injuries and crush injuries. There may also be a risk of decapitation for those in the smaller vehicle.

Jackknife accidents

A jackknife crash occurs when the trailer of a truck swings perpendicular to its cab (resembling an open knife). These crashes frequently cause widespread property damage and can severely injure those in nearby cars. They often occur when a trucker must brake quickly or when a trucker brakes improperly.

Rollover accidents

Commercial rigs are tall and ungainly. They can easily roll over due to driver error, unsafe road conditions or poor maintenance. Victims in other cars typically suffer devastating injuries if the truck rolls onto or strikes them during the crash.

If the trucker or the trucking company is at fault for the crash, victims have an excellent chance of acquiring significant compensation. Examples of how the truck driver or the company may be at fault include:

  • Trucker fault. Driving while intoxicated or distracted or speeding and other unsafe driving behaviors
  • Trucking company fault. Poor maintenance of fleet vehicles and demands that truckers ignore federal trucking regulations

Learning more about truck accidents and compensation laws in the Sherman Oaks region of California can also strengthen your claim.

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