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Truck crashes aren’t always the driver’s fault

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

In a collision between two or more vehicles, it is common to assign fault to at least one of the drivers involved. Either police officers or insurance professionals investigating a crash will try to determine the underlying reason that the crash occurred.

When the commercial truck involved in a collision is the one that caused it, people often assume that the truck driver is ultimately the one with fault. However, there are circumstances in which someone other than the truck driver is responsible for the collision.

An employer or a client could be at fault

Federal statistics about truck collisions show that when the commercial vehicle is responsible for the crash, the driver is at fault in 87% of the crashes. That means is that the remaining 13% of collisions may not be the direct fault of the driver.

Roughly 10% of those crashes involve vehicle issues, which could ultimately be the responsibility of the trucker’s employer or the client for which they provide transportation services. If an employer improperly maintained the vehicle, that could make the company responsible for the crash. Faulty brakes would be the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner, not the individual driving it.

A client could also be at fault if they improperly loaded the trailer. Not alerting a trucker to liquid contents in their trailer or improperly distributing weight could lead to a trucker losing control or a truck rolling over.

Determining fault for a truck crash plays a major role in seeking compensation for your property damage losses and injuries.

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