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Shift-working rideshare drivers may put their passengers at risk

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Rideshare companies tend to encourage their drivers to work at the busier times of day, though there may be ride requests throughout. For many people who drive for these companies, the work is a second job and second source of income.

When drivers decide to drive a shift, it’s important that they have gotten enough rest. Unfortunately, since many people are adding the shift on as an additional source of income for the day, they may get behind the wheel after already working six, eight or more hours at another job. This makes them more likely to be tired or drowsy behind the wheel. For those who drive at night, the risk of drowsiness is even more pronounced.

Shift workers, which are people who don’t work during traditional hours, are around three times more likely to get into a traffic collision. A study by the researchers at the University of Missouri found that shift work increased the risk of crashing by 296%.

Fewer restrictions and regulations make ridesharing a risk

Although regulations have increased over the years, rideshare regulations are still not as significant as those for traditional taxi or limousine services. Rideshare passengers may be at a greater risk of getting into a crash because of driver error or as a result of mechanical issues with the vehicle. There is also an increased risk of being exposed to violence.

There are benefits to ridesharing services, such as cutting down on travel costs and increasing the likelihood that drowsy or drunk individuals will get a ride home with someone who should be in a position to drive them more safely to their destination. However, the risk of a crash when using a ridesharing service could be significant if the driver is a shift worker or is drowsy themselves.

What should you do if you’re in a crash when using a rideshare service?

If you get into a crash while using a ridesharing service, understand that you can make a claim against the driver. They should have insurance coverage for collisions and injuries to their passengers. Get medical attention, and then you can look into your legal options.

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