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What options do you have if an Uber or Lyft crash leaves you injured?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many appreciate how they can log on to an app and summon a vehicle to their door to take them wherever they need to go.

There’s one downside to using the services these apps offer, though: The potential for an accident. What happens if you suffer injuries while using a ride-hailing service and need to file a claim? 

Documentation of the wreck is key to understanding who is liable

Documentation of the incident is key to you ultimately being able to file a lawsuit in your case. Police reports generally describe how the accident occurred, drivers’ names, insurance information and other details that insurance companies use to determine liability. 

This document will be critical to you being able to recover compensation in your case, so don’t allow your driver to leave the scene without calling the police.

Who can I hold accountable for my ride-hailing accident?

If another driver caused the accident, you can pursue their insurance for compensation, just like you would in any other car accident claim. If your ride-hailing driver caused or contributed to the wreck, however, you need to explore other options.

It’s a reasonable expectation that your driver should have their own car insurance. There’s a strong likelihood that they will have driver insurance from Uber or Lyft as well. You may be able to pursue your claim in these directions.

You may not be prepared to roll up your sleeves and negotiate when the insurance companies try to play hardball or “pass the buck” in cases like these. An experienced legal advocate can make sure that your interests are protected.

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