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How can Los Angeles reduce pedestrian accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The next time you are out walking or driving, consider how your city could improve pedestrian safety. One Los Angeles councilor did just that last year as part of her successful election campaign.

She proposed several measures to entice people away from using their cars. These included increasing access to public transport, adding bus lanes and prioritizing cyclists over vehicles on specific routes.

She suggested other measures aimed at making the walking experience more pleasant such as repairing and improving sidewalks. Some people say they do not feel safe walking on certain streets due to a lack of other pedestrians. The plan suggested solving this by allowing more street vendors, which would attract more foot traffic.

Another part of the plan was to make driving less attractive by banning cars from specific areas and reducing the speed cars can travel. For years, city planners across the country have prioritized car users over pedestrians. The harder it is to walk or cycle in safety, the more people will turn to cars. While car-centric planning benefits the auto industry, it does not help the average person as much as many claim. When you consider the financial and health benefits of reducing car use, safer cities for pedestrians would be better for all.

Drivers need to realize their responsibility to other road users

When a car hits and kills or injures a pedestrian, the vehicle’s driver must take responsibility. Getting behind the wheel and turning the key of a vehicle is an act that thousands perform every day. Yet many do not do so with sufficient care. Instead, people drive while distracted, drive too fast, drive recklessly or drive while drunk or drugged.

While claiming compensation if injured by a vehicle can help you to continue your life, it is of little compensation when you know that smart town planning might have avoided the accident in the first place.

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